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Mission Heating Repair 

Fast & Dependable Heater Repairs in Corpus Christi & San Antonio 

Any person who is looking for reliable heating repair in Mission will be glad to know that there is no need to search far and wide. With ABE AC in Mission, you can benefit from our dedicated support for failing heating systems, no matter the brand, make, or model. Breathe a sigh of relief that you can leave your system in our dependable hands.

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How Heating Repairs Can Save You Money on Energy Bills

Of course, the most important reason for having your furnace, boiler, or other heating system repaired when it is malfunctioning is because you want to make your family, friends, and guests truly comfortable. However, fast repairs have another benefit: They can save you a lot of money. Modern heaters are designed to be more efficient than ever, but this is impossible to do when parts have come loose or are coated with grime and grease. As these components work so hard, they have difficulty consuming energy effectively, using up more fuel or electricity. 

The sooner you invest in thorough repairs, the more likely you can save your utility bills from shooting through the roof. You will also be able to avoid paying for expensive replacements, simply by having prompt troubleshooting scheduled by our Mission heating repair professionals.

Why Is My Thermostat Not Working?

Your thermostat may be packaged in a small box, but it plays a major role in enabling anyone who owns a Mission house or business to keep the temperature under control. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it is understandable that you will find it quite frustrating. When your thermostat refuses to register the temperature accurately, several issues could be the culprit.

What Causes a Thermostat to Fail?

  • The thermostat may need a new battery replacement
  • The circuit breaker within your electrical panel was tripped, cutting off power to the thermostat
  • There is too much condensation or heated air building up within the system, turning on the safety switch
  • The thermostat has collected too much dirt, dust, and grime inside, so it can’t accurately gauge the temperature of the building

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How Long Does a Heater Last?

Even though contemporary furnaces, boilers, and other heaters are meant to be very resilient, they will not last forever. Depending on your system, you can likely get 10-15 years, and even stretch it to 20 years with maintenance. Eventually, however, when the heater has become too old, the electrical components inside will no longer connect properly. Some of these issues involve a quick and relatively easy fix, like a clogged filter, while others involving heat exchangers are extremely complex if you do not have many years of professional training. Leave all kinds of Mission heater repairs to our dedicated technicians at ABE AC for total peace of mind.

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